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      Talk about a perfect evening. This sweet family wanted a candid family photo session to help capture this exciting time in their lives as their son, Enzo, grows from baby to toddler. The whole evening little Enzo showed us what a light he is, playfully babbling throughout the entire shoot. Mom and dad focused all of their attention on him, and their laughs could be heard around the park.

      We chose the beautiful Holliday Park in Broad Ripple, Indiana as the location for this family photo session and although it was probably the hottest day of the year, the amazing sunset that greeted us in the evening made the heat so worth it! We moved from trees to blanket to park bench, and even found some water to splash in. The family also brought along their sweet little Jack Russel for some photos as well, and seeing Enzo play with his pup was so much fun.

      As soon as the sun starting sinking behind the trees, I knew we were in for an amazing sunset with spectacular lighting. It’s an evening every photographer hopes for, where the sun casts the most breathtaking glow as it sinks lower in the sky. I probably looked like a crazy person running around, squealing with delight trying to capture these sunset photos at the perfect angle. Lucky for me, the Densborn family are naturals in front of the camera so spending the evening with them could hardly be called work. I am now booking all the family sessions possible so I can have more love and laughs and chunky baby rolls in my life! Please send me a message if you’re interested in lifestyle photos of your family, I’d be honored to take them.

      I’m sure this sweet family got quite the laugh over my ridiculous squeals throughout this shoot. I couldn’t help myself. I am completely enamored with this whole shoot and snagging these perfect moments could hardly be called work. I was on cloud 9 the whole time and I am SO excited to share these favorites with you guys today! Aren’t they just the most darling? Wasn’t that light just killer? Best sunset ever…

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