Hi, I’m Violet

I am terribly sarcastic, we'll just get that out of the way here and now. One of my biggest life goals is to become a woodland fairy in the Scottish Highlands. Seriously. Kind of. But like for real.

Strip away traditional wedding customs for a moment and examine what we are here for you, you two. And that's where my focus lies. I'm here to capture how it really felt the day you started a new adventure, truly choosing candid wedding photography as my passion.
As for me, I tend to shamelessly embarrass myself so no jitters about photos needed. I'll be the one looking silly ALWAYS. I share a home with my sweet husband Grant and our three kiddos.
My favorite movie is the BBC version of Pride and Prejudice, which I mention because my biggest inspiration as an artist would be European art, literature and film. The 90s Secret Garden movie was inspiring to me even as a child and still holds a place in my heart and in my artistic vision.
I have been shooting professionally since 2010 while living and working in good old Indianapolis, Indiana, but I am very passionate about travel. My job has taken me around the country and world for destination wedding photography in places such as Iceland, Japan, Cancun, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and more! National park elopements are a frequent request and have kept me busy visiting every area of our country.
While focusing on weddings, I take a storytelling, cinematic approach being most inspired by the realness of love, vintage romance and european art. I want to see YOU TWO, being you and being in love and not worrying about absolutely anything else. This is why intimate weddings and elopements pull at my heart strings. It's usually in these environments that I see my couple's personality and intimate love for one another really shine.


Picture credit- Cara Boyer Photography

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