There's nothing better than when a couple ditches tradition and truly makes their wedding day as unique and rare as their beautiful love! Karli and Robert did just that. They sprinkled in a little bit of Star Wars, a zombie apocalypse reference or two, racing elements to pay homage to Robert's career, and tons of boho decor moments...




"Violet was wonderful. Working with her was no work at all. She was already at the venue when I arrived to get dressed, taking pictures of the location. We had a few shots that we really wanted and all of those came out beautifully, but the pictures we didn’t plan for were such a wonderful surprise.

My step-daughter dancing with her father, the look on my husband’s face during the ceremony, everything was there. And I will always appreciate working with someone so composed and professional, knowing that I didn’t have to worry about anything helped to make the day completely stress free."

Megan (bride)

Indianapolis, Indiana

Brittany - Yelp Indy Coordinator


"In recipe form:-one dollop of natural backdrop - ya know, winding branches, feathers and raindrops dropping from the sky and ivy growing through nooks and crannies - 2 splashes of finding those perfect candid moments with authentic smiles-zero fuss - she makes magic happen and you don't even realize it all happened until it's over and she's sent you a collection of the most beautiful images.

Sometimes I imagine myself in a more serious form (nearly impossible) in which Violet could make me look like one of those mysterious, story-filled creatures out of Kinfolk."

"If you could roll Kinfolk Magazine up into a living, breathing photographer, it would be Violet Short."

- Brittany