This career started because I started with what equipment I could afford, utilized it to it’s extent and upgraded when the money was there. It happened because I wanted it that bad, not because it’s just a hobby. Because it’s my passion and where I feel my creative thought process works best. And it happened, because I had the support of so many cheering me on whether that be friends and professionals mentoring me through challenges or people like my mom who made sure to comment on each and every photo I ever posted with her encouraging words (I know you all have that one big fan).

It’s hard to do this photography thing alone and just like every subject in school, it requires hands on work and study to “master”. I believe that creatives can and should be lifting one another up and offering helpful advice if they have the time. I do my very best to share and provide helpful tips I’ve learned through the years, but for a lot of awesome photographers out there, they want one on one time to really ask the detailed questions, see someone work and be guided through the process of shooting.


$475 USD

That’s where mentoring sessions step in! A mentoring session is an opportunity for you to ask any and all questions, be guided with hands on shooting in a variety of lighting situations and learning how to take an unposed approach while working with your clients.

As this is a one-on-one session with no other photographers, the session is customizable and we can focus on whatever subject you want! A local model will be in attendance for the hands-on shooting aspect of the mentoring session. Location for mentoring sessions is your choice, however I have loads of great suggestions if you are unsure where to start.