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      So I met Tina (@tinaglee on insta) a couple years back through Instagram because I totally stalked her feed and we got to talking about homeschooling one day. She homeschools her 4 littles and I was homeschooled and intend to homeschool Harlow. She is such a huge inspiration to me and a true example of selfless love. She obviously has MANY gifts, but I can tell you that one of her love languages is gift giving. She has blessed me time and time again with her thoughtfulness, one time being a package I received with a children’s book I’d been dying to get and a copy of Wild & Free Magazine (which focuses on homeschooling families). I received this package in the mail the day before I found out I was pregnant and when I talked to her about it, she said “I felt like I was supposed to send this to you.” It meant the world to me. Now every time I read that book to Harlow, I think of when we found out I was pregnant and it just means that much more to me. I say all this merely because she’s amazing and I needed to brag on her a bit. And photographing her family was an absolute blast! Look how gorgeous they all are?!? Seriously though, I just can’t get enough of all their sweet faces and this session will forever be a favorite. Thank you to Locally Grown Gardens for your always photo worthy environment!


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