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      After getting to know these ladies, I’m not sure a sweeter, more fashionable duo exists. Ashley and Taylor are best friends and practically inseparable. If you spend any amount of time with them at all, you’ll see how evident it is that they were meant to be bffs. From finishing each other’s sentences to non stop laughter, it’s clear their friendship is truly something special.

      For this 90’s-inspired fashion photography session, we hit up Garfield Park on the south side of Indianapolis on a beautiful spring day. Not only are these ladies a blast to hang out with, they’re both incredibly talented in the fashion world. Ashley is a trendy hair guru who blogs on Instagram at @forthedaintydays and shares the most stylish hairstyles and tutorials. Taylor is a fashion icon on Instagram at @_taylorbsmith, with a laidback, hipster style that makes me want to borrow everything in her closet. I literally couldn’t have found a more perfect pair for this style of photoshoot.

      This session was as much about capturing the high-waisted and ripped denim fashion elements that were all the range in 1993 as it was illustrating this beautiful friendship between Ashley and Taylor. We roamed around the park from the basketball court (four square anyone?) to the tennis courts, and everywhere in between. Then we hit up a nearby donut shopped called General American Donut that had the most amazing pastries, cool plants, and retro decor. My favorite shots are of Ashley and Taylor walking arm in arm sharing a laugh that only best friends know how to do. The lighting was perfect, and so was the company. Ashley and Taylor, thanks for being such rockstars!

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