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      Go Groove Camera Backpack 2. Nikon d750 3.Nikon d850 (backup camera) 4. Nikon D750 with 85mm F1.4 Sigma Lens 5. 35mm Bower Tilt Shift lens 6. Battery grip 7. Atmosphere Aerosol 8. Nikon SB600 flash 9. Nikkor 20mm F2.8 lens 10. Nikkor 35mm F1.4 lens 11. Nikkor 135mm F2 lens 12. SD card pack 13. Fractal Filter 14. Battery Charger 15. Moo Business Cards 16. Pentax Film Camera 17. Custom made USB Memory Direct Flash Drives 18. Batteries

      SO, I get asked quite frequently what gear I use, what my favorite lenses are, recommendations for photo gear, etc. and I thought why not wrap it all up in one post! To answer one question, my favorite lenses by far my 85 and 35. I rarely use anything else and my camera of choice is my Nikon D750.

      As you can see, everything above is labeled with the newest addition being my new custom USB Memory Direct flash drives branded with my “Violet” logo in white against the soft warm wood grain. These have just been such a fun addition to my “equipment” list and I’m really excited to finally show them off and soon begin sending them out to my clients! I have been super impressed with customer support and everyone at USB Memory Direct with setting up the design, sending me previews of the drives before hand and the beautiful quality upon arrival. They’ll fit in quite nicely with my bridal packaging. I’m thrilled to be partnering with them to create unique pieces for my clients. If you’re interested in creating custom drives like mine, check out their website here for more info. If you have any other questions about what’s in my bag, shoot me a comment!


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