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      If you asked me to describe my perfect date night, I think an evening under the stars lying on a blanket in my lover’s arms would probably be at the top of the list. If I had to describe my favorite couple session to shoot, an evening of stargazing would now make the top of that list too! Madie and Lane came into this session with an open mind and a heart for adventure, so we took off to Flat Fork Creek Park in McCordsville, Indiana and let the night lead us.

      If you aren’t familiar with McCordsville, Indiana, it is a quaint suburb just northeast of Indianapolis surrounded by acres and acres of cornfields and wooded areas. We chose Flat Fork Creek Park as the location for this session for the expansive gray sky and wide-open grasslands perfect for frolicking and exploring. The evening began on a large hillside where we picked wildflowers and waded through knee-high grasses and got the most gorgeous shots. We then paused on a blanket where Madie and Lane showed an intimate side to their relationship, smiling, laughing, and holding one another.

      As dusk closed around us, Madie pulled out her guitar for a few songs that turned into the two of them simply sitting close to one another sharing heartfelt conversation. To end the evening, we hiked up to the top of the hill, pulled out a telescope, and enjoyed the astounding view as the day gave way to night and the stars shone bright around us.

      I will forever be in awe of how beautifully a relationship between two people can be captured in such intimate detail. It is those fleeting moments that pass by without a second thought that we realize are the most important moments afterward, and it means the world to me that I’m able to capture them, freeze them in time to enjoy forever. A huge thank you to Madie and Lane for being so spontaneous and joyful to work with, I had the best time stargazing with you both.

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