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      You’d think wrangling seven children under the age of ten around the dinner hour would be a recipe for disaster but with the Maguire family, it was the exact opposite. Looking through this gallery you see nothing but angelic, smiling faces, and that is precisely how these sweet kiddos acted the entire time.

      Erin and Thayne contacted me to do a family photo session that would capture both playful, candid shots and also some more formal poses of their crew of nine. Yes that’s right, this couple has seven beautiful children who were absolute sweethearts throughout this family photo shoot. They were the most attentive and easy-going children I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with, and their photos turned out wonderfully because of it.

      We chose the property at Rest & Restore Ministries in Whiteland, Indiana as the location for this session. Just a short 25 minute drive south of Indianapolis, this gorgeous piece of land had wide open spaces, rows of majestic trees, and fields of tall grasses perfect for a country backdrop. We brought a blanket along as we strolled merrily through the evening, grabbing some of the most amazing family candids along the way.

      It is so hard to choose a favorite photo from this evening because the whole session was filled with love and light, but I especially adore the candid shots we got while the family was sitting on the blanket, laughing and hugging one another, wrapped up in complete, genuine happiness. To me, that is what my job is all about. Capturing those beautiful, precious moments that are gone in the blink of an eye, but are most meaningful to us. Having photos to look back on to remember those momentary flashes in our lives is the greatest gift you can give your family. A million thanks to Erin and Thayne for letting me be a part of your crew for an evening. Your family is truly one of a kind.


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