TO MENU

      Hannah Winek is just an absolute doll and one of my favorite people in the world to work with. We have had the pleasure of collaborating on portfolio modeling work twice and on this occasion, she thought that’s all it was too. Little did she know, her guy David had a trick up his sleeve and had been planning this surprise proposal with me for months! The plan all along was to make her think it would just be the two of us (her and I) doing a fun photoshoot at this desert like landscape in Indiana but in reality, he would be waiting in the brush to surprise her at the right moment.

      Can I just say I was SWEATING BULLETS. What if I led her to the wrong spot? What if he couldn’t find us? Oh my gosh all the what ifs that could happen in this giant park. I couldn’t meet up with him right before so we had texted back in forth before BUT Hannah drove up with me so there wasn’t an opportunity to chat right before. I even labeled him as ‘Dad’ in my phone just in case she saw a text. Like serious business guys! But you know what, nothing went wrong, he found us just fine and the proposal had me weeping WEEPING for quite a while. Her reaction. That first photo is her looking at me like “What even is this Violet?!?” I can’t take it, it’s too good. And they spent the rest of the night giggling away and making my dreams come true.

      So so looking forward to shooting your wedding this year! LOVE YOU GUYS!

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