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      Let me introduce you to the Phelps family. These are some of the most laid back, full of love people I’ve ever met, who happen to have the sweetest, most ridiculously good looking children imaginable. This momma came to me looking for a country family session at sunset with her husband and three sweet babies so we planned a candid family photo shoot in the country on the perfect summer evening. 

      The location we chose was a pretty stretch of farmland in Whiteland, Indiana at Rest and Restore Ministry. I always love when my job takes me to different little towns surrounding Indianapolis. Much of the countryside looks the same in the midwest, but you can always find special nooks and unique spots that are great for photos. We started their lifestyle family session walking among fields of corn and beans to a shady spot with giant oak trees that was perfect for some playful candids. We continued walking along a grassy lane as the kids chased one another and mom and dad walked hand in hand under a golden setting sun. The weather that evening could not have been more perfect for outdoor family photos!

      The chemistry with this family was so natural and effortless, they made it easy to snap photo after amazing photo. The kiddos were so stinkin cute together as they made silly faces and tickled their baby brother trying to make him laugh. And how about those curls?! I will forever be obsessed with kids that have a head full of gorgeous ringlet curls. A special thank you to the Phelps family for letting me spend an evening with your adorable crew. I hope these photos are ones you’ll cherish forever.

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