Old Hollywood Hedy Lamarr Inspiration at Neidhammer

September 7, 2019

Call me with an idea for an old hollywood glamour themed photography session and I can already tell you my answer is yes, one hundred times yes! Nothing gets me excited as a photographer more than a client’s creative idea that I can help bring to life. 


The beautiful model in these photos is a dear friend of mine named Kayla. I first worked with Kayla on two engagement sessions when she got engaged, and then shot her wedding earlier this year. I’m beyond grateful to have worked with this beautiful human so many times, and was over the moon when she came to me with the idea for an old hollywood glam photo session celebrating the style and spirit of 1940’s film star Hedy Lamarr.  


We chose the historic Neidhammer Theater in Indianapolis for this session because of its stunning architecture and old world vibe. Kayla was an absolute gem throughout the entire creation process of bringing this vision to life, from doing her own hair and make up to hand-crafting the beautiful crown and clothes she wore. 


Oftentimes as photographers we get so caught up in the logistics of our sessions that we lose sight of the fact that we are artists and should be able to let our creativity flow freely. Lifestyle fashion sessions like this one breathe life back into that creative side of my work and remind me why I love photography. Thank you Kayla for being a beautiful person and wonderful friend!