Multicultural Wedding in the heart of Washington D.C.

September 19, 2019

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“Despite both attending at Brown University, it wasn’t until Ibrahim and Karina moved to New York City as post-grads that their paths finally crossed. Thanks to mutual friends, they started dating shortly after meeting and, after nine years, decided to tie the knot in a beautiful Multicultural wedding at the Ritz-Carlton, Washington DC.

In planning their wedding, the pair knew they wanted the opportunity to express both of their backgrounds both aesthetically and practically. Karina, who is Japanese and Italian, wanted a unique celebration to honor her marriage to Ibrahim, who is Guinean and Congolese. As a way to create something new and inclusive of everyone involved, they decided to extend their wedding experience across two days. Friday night saw a welcome dinner, aptly named “A Cultural Celebration,” which brought together guests from across the globe; this provided a perfect way to kick off their DC wedding weekend.

The wedding itself was Western in tradition, with added touches of Japanese décor and a West African DJ. The pair opted for private vows at the ceremony, with music playing so that only the couple could hear one another’s vows yet all guests felt like they were a part of the exchange. They did, however, share the sand ceremony with everyone. Guests from all around the world brought sand from Italy, Japan, Guinea, and Maryland to signify their heritage.

From DIY kokeshi doll cake toppers to handcrafted mizuhiki boutonnieres, Karina and Ibrahim’s wedding experience captured their one-of-a-kind relationship through and through. They successfully brought together various traditions, both old and new, to create something that represented each of them as individuals and, of course, as a newly married couple. Thank you to Ashley Atelier Flowers for sharing this multicultural wedding with us today!”   

Excerpt from United with Love